Bots (10)

  • ManyChat

    ManyChat is a visual bot builder that integrates within Facebook Messenger, and makes most of the automation that you've dreamed about with Messenger possible.

  • Chatfuel

    Chatfuel is a useful tool for non-skilled developers. It allows you to create an AI chatbot in Facebook to automate messages to your subscribers and nurture leads.

  • ChattyPeople

    ChattyPeople make the ultimate AI-powered enterprise chatbots with text and voice. They create, test, deploy, measure and manage your bots creating personalized, native conversational experience within the messaging app of choice.

  • Meokay

    Meokay builds Chatbots that upgrade your content promotion efforts. Give your subscribers a chance to see your advertising messages in their most loved Messenger app.

  • Yala!

    Yala is a simple social media management tool that allows you to schedule and publish directly to multiple social networks when your followers are online, getting remarkably better exposure and engagement.

  • MobileMonkey

    MobileMonkey is a platform for marketers to create, manage and promote their brands with AI chatbots, one of the most exciting and disruptive new marketing technologies today.

  • Tars

    Tars is a tool that helps you create engaging conversational Bots for your website and Facebook Messenger.

  • Flow XO

    Flow XO creates bots for Messenger, Slack, web and much more to help you engage your audience, interact with customers in a more human-centric way, and nurture leads.

  • Botsify

    Botsify helps you create a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your page without any coding required.

  • Botletter

    Botletter allows you to send newsletters & drip campaigns right into Facebook Messenger.

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