Contest Management (5)

  • Rafflecopter

    Rafflecopter is a giveaway tool. All you need to do is create your campaign, decide on what the price will be, choose the entry methods for your contest and that's it! Rafflecopter can also be integrated with other social networks, allowing you to promote your contest to get as many participants as possible.

  • Shortstack

    ShortStack is a tool that allows you to easily create campaigns and run contests and promotions from Facebook or anywhere else.

  • Woobox

    Woobox is a social promotion application, it allows you to run contests, polls and more accross Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others.

  • Wishpond

    Wishpond is a complete suite for your marketing needs. It offers a variety of tools as well as a number of handy third-party integrations. With Wishpond, you can easily run contests and promotions on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

  • Heyo

    Heyo is a tool for creating contests you can publish anywhere: on your website, blog or on different social networks. You can use a huge selection of templates to easily create your contest. With Heyo you can create different types of contests: photo and video contests, essay contests or sweepstakes.

Last update 09/28/18 - 11:37

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